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Evacuations: Shelter In Place

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The term Shelter-In-Place, means to seek immediate shelter and remain there during an emergency rather than evacuating the area. There are occasions when the option to evacuate is not considered (e.g., a time constraint, or when evacuation would subject you to greater risk). Unless otherwise instructed to evacuate, sheltering in a pre-determined safe location in your home or place of work is the preferred method of safely waiting out a hazardous materials release. In place sheltering usually lasts no more than one-to-two hours and preparations, made in advance, can ensure that the event is as comfortable as possible.

First, remain calm. Do not call 911 unless you are reporting an immediate life-threatening situation. Do not attempt to get your children from their school or day care center. Staff members are trained to protect your children and will institute shelter-in-place procedures where they are located.

Local officials on the scene are the best source of information for your particular situation.
Follow their instructions during and after emergencies.

Remember that instructions to shelter-in-place are usually provided for durations of only a few hours, not days or weeks.


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