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There may be times when a situation calls for the immediate evacuation of an area. When authorities ask you to leave a specific area it means your health and safety is at risk. If this occurs you should not hesitate to follow emergency instructions and leave the area immediately. Specific instructions may be given to you by officials utilizing the Alert Rutherford Notification System, commercial radio and or television, National Weather Service NOAA weather alert radios or Several Social Media applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Nixle.

Emergency Authorities in Rutherford county have an in place an electronic telephone notification system that allows officials to notify residents in a designated area of an emergency situation. If such a situation exists and the system is activated, you may receive an automated message from, ALERT RUTHERFORD. Please follow the instructions provided to you in the message and monitor television broadcast for further information! Sign up for Alert Rutherford Today.


Emergency Shelters are used to provide an evacuation location for citizens in case of emergency or disaster. When possible you should consider relocating to a friend or relative out of harms way, or any safe hotels/motels as an alternative to emergency shelters.

Working in conjunction with the American Red Cross, Rutherford County has a vast list of shelter locations which mostly consists of city and county schools. In the event shelters are needed and activated you will be instructed to locations that will be opened for you to utilize.

Some types of events may require evacuation. Other events may require sheltering “In-place”. Click on the links above to learn about each type of evacuation method and steps to take in each situation.