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Rutherford County Emergency Management provides training for a wide range of public service departments and agencies including Fire, Police, and Rescue services. The courses include a number of locally produced criteria and also include Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, and Department of Homeland Security training. Along with training, the EMA also conducts regular Table- top, Functional, and Full-scale training. You may check the training current training schedule by clicking the Training Icon on the Home Page.

Training includes but is not limited to:

Emergency Response to Terrorism Awareness- 8 Hrs

Emergency Response to Terrorism - 16 hrs

Radiological Monitoring & Response- 8 hrs

Emergency Response to Radiological Incidents (MERRTT) - 8 or 16 hrs

Foreign Animal Disease Response (FAD) - 16 hrs

Hazardous Materials Awareness - 4 hrs

Hazardous Materials Operations (HMO) 40 hrs

Hazardous Materials Team Operations (HMTO) 80 hrs

Introduction to Incident Command - 100 4 hrs

Incident Command System 300 Middle Management & General Staff - 16 hrs

Incident Command System 400 Command & General Staff - 16 hrs

National Incident Management System 700 - 3 hrs

National Response Plan 800 - 4 hrs

Ground Search and Rescue Operations - 24 hrs

Hospital First Receiver Decontamination - 12 hrs

Current Training Schedule

Please contact Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency for training applications. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Applications without required prerequisite training certificates or transcripts will not be accepted.  Each class must have a minimum of 15 students, if this number is not met the class will be canceled and notifications will be sent out. Unless otherwise noted each class will be held at the Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency training room and will last typically from 0800-1630 hrs.






ICS 400- Advanced ICS For Command and General Staff  -

Complex Incidents

June 29-30 2022

Rutherford County Emergency Management 8:00 to 4:30 each day.

1220 W College St. Murfreesboro TN


Description: This 2-day course provides training on the resources for personnel who require advanced application of the ICS. This course expands upon information covered in ICS-100 through ICS 300 Courses. ICS-400 explains how major incidents require special management challenges; describe the circumstances in which an Area Command is established; and describe the circumstances in which multi-agency coordination systems are established.

Prerequisites: IS-700IS-800IS-100IS-200, ICS-300


Application Cutoff date COB- June 13, 2022

Applications without required prerequisite training certificates or transcripts attached will not be accepted!



Counter CBRN All-Hazard Management Response Course (CAMR)

August 22,23,24

Rutherford County Emergency Management 8:00 to 4:30 each day.

1220 W College St. Murfreesboro TN


Class description:

This 3-day hazmat intensive course is the ideal training ground for first responders.  The training is broken into two sections. First, students take a one-day training learning about the operation, maintenance, and decision-making steps needed in air monitoring technology. This includes PID, 4-gas, and Paper technologies. This step of the training is written for those that use these instruments to carry out their jobs effectively. However, fire, hazmat and police personnel will also find the information a useful supplement. This portion of the CAMR course can be scheduled separately from the second portion of the course.


The second portion of CAMR includes four consecutive days that feature training modules culminating in a one-day Capstone Full Scale Exercise. Days 1-3 feature morning instructional modules that focus on EOC, ICS, Radiation Detection, Air Monitoring, Threat Awareness, and Chemical Identification for transportation and fixed site emergencies.  The afternoons include Table-Top Exercises in which students practice their skills and get the opportunity to work with fellow students from different agencies. This is an effort to develop working relationships with agencies that could aid their work in the event of a real hazmat emergency.


The final day of the CAMR program is a Full-Scale Exercise reinforcing all the instruction and practice exercises from previous lessons.


The learning objectives of the CAMR course are multi-faceted. The most significant learning outcome of this course of study is for participants to walk away with the knowledge and skills to respond to a major disaster in the community, better coordinating with the local and government agencies needed to work within the ensuing aftermath of a disaster. The course also allows first responders to test the plans and checklists already in place. Participants will benefit from the opportunity to exercise their recovery and critical response tasks.


Prerequisites- Hazmat Operations- Minimum


Applications without required prerequisite training certificates or transcripts attached will not be accepted!




For questions and applications please contact RCEMA:
1220 W. College St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone: (615) 898-7764
Fax: (615) 898-7840


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