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Training Schedule

Please contact Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency for training applications.

LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Each class must have a minimum of 15 students,

If this number is not met class will be canceled and notifications will be sent out.

For training questions and applications please contact the EMA

1220 W. College St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone: (615) 898-7764
Fax: (615) 898-7840




August 31 through September 4th 8:00am to 4:30pm daily @ RCEMA EOC

Application cut off date- COB AUGUST 12th -

This 40-hour course covers the basic operating procedures for first responder that teaches a systematic response to hazardous material incidents. The curriculum defines hazardous materials, and describes the roles, responsibilities and risks associated with a incident. It also describes the types, uses and sources of information needed to identify hazards, as well as the basic options, requirements and limitations of methods used to control, contain or confine a hazmat incident. Students will participate in hands-on instruction and participate in group activities during the course. A written exam is given at the end of the course.

Target audience: Primary – Fire Fighters - Law Enforcement - EMS

Secondary: All other emergency response organizations

Pre-requisites: IS 700, IS 800, IS 100, IS 200 (FEMA On-line courses), 16 hr classroom ICS course (ICS 300 or equivalent), HazMat Awareness, IS-3 (RAD), and SCBA qualified. Pre-requisite certificates MUST be attached to the application.

Students are required to bring an Air Pack & Full Air Tank to the course. (Not the first day)  Students who successfully complete this course will have met the standards under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 and NFPA 472 (2008).





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